5 Coming Home Outfits You Need For Your Newborn

5 Coming Home Outfits You Need For Your Newborn

When it's time for your new addition to make their "real world" debut, what you choose to dress them in can be a big decision- especially when snappy happy dads and grandparents are going to be there to capture every moment on camera.

Whether your baby comes home from the hospital right away, arrives later (perhaps after a stay in the neonatal intensive care unit), or comes through an adoption agency, the homecoming of your little one is a major event you've probably often imagined. Be prepared with the perfect coming home outfit.

Here are some of our favorite newborn styles that picture perfect for bringing home baby:

1. This 4 piece trendy, onesie set proudly proclaims, “I am mommy and daddy's miracle!"

TIP: Separates allow you to change one piece of dirty clothing without assembling a whole new outfit, so they're useful to have. Look for stretchy waistbands that fit easily over your baby's diaper and belly – and expand as he or she gains weight.




2. This 3pc onesie set for the bundle of joy you’ve patiently waited for.

Tip: You'll be changing your baby's clothing several times a day – babies can be messy! – so make sure outfits are uncomplicated and open easily for diaper changes. In general, you want soft, comfortable clothing with no irritating tags or seams.

3. This dapper onesie set for a brand-spanking-new baby.

TIP: Look for T-shirts and turtlenecks with plenty of room in the neck, or snaps at the neck, so they slip easily over your child's head. Many parents prefer one-piece styles that snap at the crotch.

4. This onesie and leg warmer set for introducing a precious little sister.

Tip: How many of each item you need will depend on how often you plan to do laundry. But here is a quick guide. One-piece outfits (5 to 7 pieces), Shirts (4 to 7pieces), and Leggings or pull-on pants (5 to 7 pieces).

5. Of course, you can also find the comedy in the situation with this onesie.

Tip: No matter how cute it looks, avoid sleepwear that has complicated snaps or requires lots of effort to get on or off!


  1. For that going home outfit, you will want something picture-worthy. But remember it has to be comfortable, too.
  2. Your baby might be a cute little 6 lbs 5 oz. munchkin. Mine were not. They were all over 8 pounds at birth, and my son was almost 10 pounds. So they wore size newborn for like five minutes. Go light on the newborn-size clothing and bring a back-up outfit in size 0-3 mos.
  3. Look, you have to put the baby into a car seat in whatever cute outfit you dress him/her in. Remember that means a buckle between the legs and over the shoulders. Too much frill and fuss will not make your baby happy.

Now that you have some ideas, what are you going to bring baby home in? Comment down below :)



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