Mompreneurs Killing It: Meet Jessica White!

Mompreneurs Killing It: Meet Jessica White!

In this mini-blog series, we want to highlight moms who took a leap of faith and decided to pursue their business, no matter how scared they were in the beginning.

My name is Jessica White. I have been in the photography business since 2008, but did not start doing it for a living until 2010. Originally I started it because I couldn't afford to get photos of my children being a single parent of 4 awesome kiddos. But what I found was a mad love for making people feel good on top of capturing those I love. I feel like my style has changed throughout the years, at first it was all about the art of it, I lived for pressing the envelope of real or a painting.



But for the last few years I have found that I have shifted to the emotion of it. I have 15 month old twin boys who are to blame for that. I found that while I want to capture them, their cute outfits, or the beautiful places we go, I more importantly wanted to allow them to be whoever they are that moment in time. 




I think sometimes us as parents are searching for that perfect picture and we miss the part where its a moment, a memory or their personalities, their silly smiles, or grumpy no smiles at all. I just love it all, so I find myself soaking it all up behind the lens. The crazy part is I found following them around letting them be themselves brought on more keepers then trying to fight for that perfect image. So my advice to any mommas out there is, set those expectations down and soak up the real goodness of the mess, laughter and love. Life is to short and not promised to fuss.



We love mompreneurs, stay at home moms, working moms and every boss babe in between! Are you a blogger, photographer, or some other super, cool, creative mom? If you would like your business featured on our website, please email us!

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